Kamis, 11 Agustus 2016

It's Me! Let me introduce myself.

Good day readers! Its me, M. Fadhilah Sidik!

I will tell you in my first entry about myself and I hope to open myself as far as I can to you. So my name is M. Fadhilah Sidik but you can call me Fadhil. Simple right? I'm 14 years old and live in Bandung. By the way, Bandung is a city in Indonesia and is known for it's traditional and historical backgrounds. It's one of my hobbies to go sightseeing in this old city full of wonders. I really like traveling :)

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To all those out there who likes to play Poke'mon Go, this is the city where you can loose some weight and gain it again by eating the delicious food here (Own Experience :v)

 My other hobbies are gaming, reading books and manga, and watch movies or animes ( Japanese animations ) with friends. Swimming and cycling are also fun. Well I probably just like to hang out with friends. (^_^)

My favorite animals are cats. They're just too cute. I myself have a cat at home. I call him blackie cause his fur is black. I don't have a particular favorite color but if I had it would be red or something that way :v 

I also like to play music. I can play the guitar and the keyboard. Listening to music is also one thing that I like.

I am currently a student at SMA 3 Bandung which is kinda famous and I really like it here. I can do some of my hobbies in extra curricular too and, I must say, it's really fun.The studies are a little difficult though.
Oh by the way, I'm a guy if you didn't notice. And I'm Single... Well, that's life for you (or rather for me.) Well you cant expect that events in cartoons or animes happen in real life like those over fabulous high school love stories. It's kinda frustrating for me though :' )

Well that's all what I tell you for now. I hope you had fun reading this and that you will read my other entries as well. Please enjoy reading this blog :)

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